If the band in the picture looks familiar, that's because it's Your Biological Romance performing one of their first gigs ever. That's right, THE worldwide emo sensation Your Biological Romance.

Chris P. Lettuce's Bar and Grill is home turf to many famous bands who started their careers playing gigs here; besides Your Biological Romance, we've hosted Bmon Bmarth, Pinkin Lark, Frontstreet Females and many more. Our founder, Chris P. Lettuce himself, established the bar hoping to grow the local rock and metal scene and provide a space for enthusiasts of the genre to do what they do best - get wasted and headbang to the sickest riffs known to man.

We're happiest when musicians can express themselves here; whether you just want to jam with your buddies, or you're an aspiring local band chasing a dream, you'll find a home here with us! Head over to the Contact Us page to book an audition slot, and you'll be playing your heart out in front of our highly intoxicated and enthusiastic patrons in no time at all, absolutely free of charge.